Civil War Chronicles

30 Years War

>> Highwayman: Ironside

>> Highwayman: Winter Swarm

>> Highwayman: War’s End

30 Years War


The Civil War Chronicles

>> Marston Moor

>> The Prince’s Gambit

>> Warlord’s Gold

>> Assassin’s Reign

>> Hunter’s Rage

>> Devil’s Charge

>> Traitor’s Blood

The Commonwealth

>> Stryker & the Angels of        Death

Michael Arnold

Joshua Hawke

>> Corpse Thief


“Arnold is good on the period setting of the Civil War, but he is excellent on the fighting.  This is masterfully done.”

Antonia Senior, The Times

‘Arnold writes with such muscular flair the char­acters stride off the pages.’

Peterborough Telegraph

“Intelligent plotting, historical accuracy, heart-pounding battle scenes and a memorable cast of characters are the hallmarks of Arnold’s remarkable series.

Captain Stryker, we are promised, will return… “


‘Mike Arnold hooks the reader with the clash of steel and the roar of gunpowder. Rollicking action and proper history combine in this cracking series.'

Anthony Riches, author of the bestselling “Empire” series.

"Mike Arnold has caught all of the passion, urgency, fear and exhilaration of men in battle.  Not only that, he's writing in a period that he obviously knows intimately and in to which he has breathed new life."

Patrick Mercer, author of 'To Do and Die' and 'Dust and Steel'.

“Captures the grittiness, as well as the doomed glamour, of the Royalist cause.”

Charles Spencer, author of 'Prince Rupert: The Last Cavalier'

"You can smell the gunpowder and hear the cannon fire as you're thrust into the mud and blood of the battlefields. Arnold's passion for the period suffuses every page."

Robyn Young, author of the Brethren Trilogy.