Civil War Chronicles

30 Years War

>> Highwayman: Ironside

>> Highwayman: Winter Swarm

>> Highwayman: War’s End

30 Years War


The Civil War Chronicles

>> Marston Moor

>> The Prince’s Gambit

>> Warlord’s Gold

>> Assassin’s Reign

>> Hunter’s Rage

>> Devil’s Charge

>> Traitor’s Blood

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The Commonwealth

>> Stryker & the Angels of        Death

Michael Arnold

Joshua Hawke

>> Corpse Thief

About Michael

Michael lives in Hampshire with his wife and four children. His childhood holidays were spent visiting castles and battlefields, but his fascination with the civil wars was piqued partly by the fact that his hometown and region of Hampshire are steeped in Civil War history.

Michael’s first full-length novel, Traitor’s Blood, was written whilst he was working in Sheffield, staying in a hotel and finding himself with lots of spare time in the evenings.

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