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30 Years War


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Highwayman: Ironside

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England, 1655. A nation reeling from the turmoil of bloody civil war. An island in the iron grip of Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate. The forces of King Charles have been utterly defeated. The sovereign is dead, his supporters beaten, humiliated and scattered. But it is not just former Cavaliers who find themselves hounded by the new regime. Many of those who fought for Parliament have fallen foul of the oppressive rule of the Major-Generals. One such man is Major Samson Lyle: Roundhead, outlaw, fugitive. Forced into exile after a dispute with the ruling elite, he has returned, intent on waging war against those now in command. Skilled with pistol and blade, Lyle takes the fight onto the busy roads south of the capital, forging a formidable reputation as a notorious highwayman. Along with his trusted young ward Bella, and Eustace Grumm, an irascible former smuggler, Lyle dodges the ever-present threat of capture to menace those against whom he has sworn revenge. But when the robbery of a powerful lawyer alerts Lyle to the imprisonment of a former comrade, the Major is plunged into a dangerous game of intrigue and deceit that may finally prove his undoing. And he must tread carefully, for Parliament have dispatched their own man to hunt the elusive outlaw. The villainous Colonel John Maddocks is tracking Lyle's every move, and soon he will come face to face with the Ironside Highwayman.

Highwayman: Winter Swarm

England: December, 1655. The nation is reeling from the turmoil of bloody civil war, the forces of King Charles have been utterly defeated and England is now in the iron grip of Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate. Major Samson Lyle, once a member of Cromwell’s Roundhead army, and now the infamous outlaw, Ironside Highwayman, has been forced into exile. Scarred by the massacre of innocents in Ireland he turned his back on the all-conquering English army, but in retaliation his beloved wife Alice was tracked down and killed. Spurred on by revenge Lyle is now the predator, not the prey. The most feared highwayman in all England, he hunts quarry on the nation’s roads. Any who performed the duties of a cog in Cromwell’s grand machine is under threat. Along with his trusted young ward Bella, and Eustace Grumm, an irascible former smuggler, Lyle has dodged the ever-present threat of capture, but now it is time to bring the fight to his enemies... With a brilliant scheme to bring the army to its knees, Lyle must find a way to destroy his pursuers before they destroy him ...

Highwayman: War's End

England 1656. For Major Samson Lyle, former solider in Cromwell’s Roundhead army turned infamous outlaw, the Ironside Highwayman, trouble is never far away. It even follows him to the graveside of his beloved surrogate mother, Ursula. When a thief steals a sacred bible from a band of mercenary sailors, their leader, the ruthless gun captain Marek, believes that Lyle is the culprit and exacts revenge by taking Ursula’s son hostage. Lyle and his comrades, his trusted young ward Bella and the irascible former smuggler Eustace Grumm, must retrieve the bible to exchange for the boy’s life. To save an innocent and defeat Marek, the Ironside Highwayman must ride again. Lyle and his companions track the Bible and its seven-fingered thief, Whistler, across England until he is captured by the highwayman's old nemesis, Colonel John Maddocks. But not all is as seems. Conflict breeds treachery, as well as loyalty. Can the highwayman defeat his new enemy while avoiding the bloodlust of his old one?