Civil War Chronicles

30 Years War

>> Highwayman: Ironside

>> Highwayman: Winter Swarm

>> Highwayman: War’s End

30 Years War


The Civil War Chronicles

>> Marston Moor

>> The Prince’s Gambit

>> Warlord’s Gold

>> Assassin’s Reign

>> Hunter’s Rage

>> Devil’s Charge

>> Traitor’s Blood

The Commonwealth

>> Stryker & the Angels of        Death

Michael Arnold

Joshua Hawke

>> Corpse Thief

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If you love Historical Fiction and want kick-ass action, solid plotlines and of course danger coming from every direction then you really have to read Michael Arnold. He has a great way of bringing the English Civil War to life as well as blending historical fact into the tale to help give it an extra edge.

Back this up with great prose, magical pace and of course a lead character that you just love to spend time around makes this a series that is not only a pure joy to read but a wonderful piece of escapism from the real world.
Great stuff.

Michael is the author of The Civil War Chronicles & short stories of the Commonwealth period and the Thirty-Years War.


Highwayman 3 out now