How much of the Civil War Chronicles is fact?

The major engagements featured in Traitor’s Blood were pretty much as described in the novel. The Battle of Edgehill was, indeed, the first pitched battle after war was declared in 1642, and the Battle of Brentford (in truth, not a great deal more than a protracted skirmish) was very much a real event. Everything else, I'm afraid, is entirely fictional.

Devil’s Charge follows a similar pattern. The central events – the storming of Cirencester, siege of Lichfield, and Battle of Hopton Heath – were entirely real and, with the exception of Stryker’s specific involvement, unfolded much as I have described. Sadly, most of the central characters like Crow, Edberg, Girns, Rontry and Blaze are all fictional.

The main Dartmoor plot thread in Hunter’s Rage is fictional, but the battles at Sourton Down and Stratton are both real, as are the more prominent characters such as Grenville, Hopton and Anthony Payne, the Cornish giant.

The forthcoming instalment is entitled Assassin’s Reign, and is based around the Siege of Gloucester. This is probably the most ‘factual’ book to date, as the twists and turns of the plot revolve around the real drama of the siege.